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Month: March 2019

READING THE TBR, DAY 59: Zombie Spaceship Wasteland (2011) by Patton Oswalt

Everyone likes Patton Oswalt. I certainly do. He’s funny, he’s honest, and his frequent pop culture references run the gamut from accessible to esoteric. (I also like that his politics mostly align with mine.) His comedy is trenchant and observational and personal, but also sometimes entirely surreal. Then sometimes perhaps a tad too real. His bit about watching that My Little Pony show with his daughter and getting way too invested in it made me cry, for so many reasons. (For context, I was watching the recent Rapunzel TV series with my friend’s 4-year-old yesterday. She got bored and left the room two episodes in. I watched the next three by myself, and was very outraged on Rapunzel’s behalf in Episode 5 when Monty the sweet shop owner disliked her so intensely. I mean, how is that even fai–?)


So, I like Patton Oswalt. I relate to him a lot. And he is forever himself.

This scattered but suitably likeable collection of his writings is a series of vignettes about his early life and the world of stand up. There is the requisite “Worst Gig Ever” tale (most comedic memoirs have one), and there is, thrillingly, a paean of praise to the written word, including more than a few book recs that I immediately noted down. (Because, as I always say in my most sarcastic of voices, what I really need is new books to add to my TBR.)

It is a fast read, but not unchallenging, and it ends with a caricature of an older female relative — in this case, Oswalt’s grandmother, but we all have one of these — which is just perfect. Funny, of course, the book is also thoughtful, and the passage about the appeal of a post-apocalyptic wasteland could not be more accurate… not to this post-apocalypse fan’s way of thinking, anyway. 

Highly recommended, especially if you like Patton Oswalt. Which, surely you do.

Because everyone does.


TBR DAY 59: Zombie Spaceship Wasteland by Patton Oswalt
GENRE: Non-Fiction, Memoir, Pop Culture, Humour 
TIME ON THE TBR: 1 year.  
KEEP: Yep.