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Category: Film

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday.

Instead of reading, today is a day of film.

Just a couple of days ago, the 2019 Oscar nominations came out. Every year, I spend my birthday — which, happily for me, is always a public holiday in Australia; though, seriously, my country, Change the Date! — watching all the Best Picture noms I have yet to see. Usually, this is four or five films. This year, there are only two I have yet to see, BlackKklansman and Green Book, though I also screened The Favourite, a) because a bunch of my friends wanted to see it and b) because I missed 20 minutes of it in the cinema, because when Rachel Weisz started doing that crazy dance with Joe Alwyn, I couldn’t stop laughing, had to leave because I was disturbing everyone, and every time I thought I had it under control, I would remember that nonsense and lose it again.

Turns out, I really missed Some Stuff when I missed that twenty minutes. And yes, again, I had a hard time controlling my mirth during that dance.

Of the other two films, BlackKklansman was good, Green Book was great, but I still really want A Star is Born to win Best Picture.

It won’t, though. 

And I will need to catch up on an extra book at some point this year… 365 is still my target. I really didn’t think this through.