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READING THE TBR, DAY 126: Glinda of Oz (1920) by L. Frank Baum

How very dare you, L. Frank Baum? WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL?

The Wogglebug, my poor, beleagured Wogglebug. How could you make him such an outcast, so anathema, so swollen-headed and intellectual that he has become so monstrously unpopular? Do you not like smart people? WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?

I will never get an answer to this question, since Baum died the year before this book was published and this was the last of his Oz books — and yet there is one more book to go in my collection… hmmm — but it goes to show that getting invested in a minor character can break your heart on an author’s whim. We all know this. We’ve all seen Game of Thrones. But I expected more from an Oz book. I expected better.

The rest of the book is actually pretty interesting, as two small nations within Oz declare war and Ozma takes Dorothy along with her on a mission of peace. You have to think this has a lot to do with World War I, which was still in progress during its writing — and which, actually, might account for all of the invasion plotlines in the other Oz books — and it’s good to see Ozma fail at something so thoroughly and learn that she’s not actually omnipotent. A cavalcade of pretty much every Oz character helps out, and all ends happily, of course, but it is a bit of a departure from the rest of the series, for all the familiar elements, and one has to wonder how much that had to do with Baum’s sickliness during the writing of this book.

So I guess I can forgive his treatment of my poor dear Wogglebug. 

And I have to say, this has been one of the most fun fortnights I have ever spent.

So, thanks, L. Frank Baum. See you in fairy land.  


TBR DAY 126: Glinda of Oz (Oz #14) by L. Frank Baum
GENRE: Children’s Fiction, Classics
TIME ON THE TBR: 3 years.  
KEEP: Yep!

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