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READING THE TBR, DAY 175: Spring Magic (1942) by D. E. Stevenson

Rather more along the lines of The Four Graces than Miss Buncle’s Book, this charming tale of an insecure and somewhat oppressed-by-duty young woman who at last strikes out on her own and takes a holiday in the Scottish Highlands is pure confectionery fluff, but delightful for all that.

It’s all very pleasant, as Frances settles into the rural life and makes friends with locals, friends with some lovely young officers’ wives who take up residence in the small town, and even when its not pleasant, when affairs are uncovered and character is tested and found wanting, it is still a holiday for the brain as refreshing as is Frances’s holiday to her.

And then! Her new lease on life! Her determination to help with the war effort! (Oh yeah, the war is still going on in this one.) And her gentle romance with a man she quite thought almost despised her. Delicious!


TBR DAY 175: Spring Magic by D. E. Stevenson
GENRE: Women’s Fiction
TIME ON THE TBR: ~1 year.  
KEEP: Yes.

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