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READING THE TBR, DAY 179: Sweet Tea and Sympathy (2017) by Molly Harper

My previous experience with Molly Harper is in the realm of funny, charming paranormal romance. Her Jane Jameson series, beginning with Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs, is set in the US South, and has a very Southern sensibility about it, all ladylike behaviour and “bless her heart” (which is a curse, not a blessing) and ostentatious courtesy and hospitality, but also, vampires. It’s very fun.

Sweet Tea and Sympathy begins a new series, also set in the South, but without the supernatural aspect, and it is just as funny and just as charming. And possibly even more fun.

 This one deals with high-powered event planner (it’s a thing) Margot who, after a professional disaster, moves to small town Georgia to help out with her estranged family’s Funeral Home and Bait Shop (it’s a thing). There, she meets a taciturn single father with whom she shares an immediate animosity, and you know where this is going. I knew it, too — in these books, you almost always know it too — but sometimes, knowing where things are going is exactly what you need.

And I need more of this! I have the next in the series on the shelves, and I already know what I’ll be reading tomorrow. And in the meantime, there are some Southern Eclectic e-novellas — one a prequel, one that comes between Books 1 and 2 — that I now need to go buy and read. It is an increasingly familiar phenomenon, the between-book-e-novella, and I am not sure how I feel about it, but as I have a very difficult time reading stories out of order, and am greatly afflicted with FOMO besides, they sure know their audience when they target me with this multi-platform nonsense. 


TBR DAY 179: Sweet Tea and Sympathy (Southern Eclectic #1) by Molly Harper
GENRE: Romance, Romantic Comedy
TIME ON THE TBR: 2 years. 
KEEP: Yep.

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