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READING THE TBR, DAY 180: Ain’t She a Peach (2018) by Molly Harper

Another delightful installment in the Southern Eclectic series, this one giving us the adorable and forthright Frankie McCready, undertaker and coroner extraordinaire, having to deal with the outright rude and ever-suspicious big city cop-turned local sheriff, Eric Linden.

If there is one thing I hate in romance — or in life — it is an alphahole, and Linden’s abrasiveness made me pretty furious for a good long while. Eventually, he softened (and yes, I get the point of the archetype, the whole redeemed-by-a-good-woman thing that has infested all genres of literary pursuit since time immemorial), and eventually, he seemed somewhat worthy of the most excellent Frankie, but it took me longer to warm up to him than it took her, and that kind of affected my enjoyment of their story.

Nevertheless, this was certainly another good time, full of Harper’s signature snark along with some completely lovable secondary characters, and I have already bought books 2.5 (another e-novella!) and 3, released this year — plus, I will definitely be adding all Southern Eclectic novels to my TBR as and when they appear in print. I also have a few of Molly Harper’s books already in my possession — a couple even deal with werewolves — and I have a feeling they will be appearing on my reading list sooner rather than later. 

Even if they do appear to feature some of her (seemingly favourite) alphaholes. 


TBR DAY 180: Ain’t She a Peach (Southern Eclectic #2) by Molly Harper
GENRE: Romance, Romantic Comedy
TIME ON THE TBR: 1 year. 
KEEP: Yes.

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