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READING THE TBR, DAY 194: Wolf-Speaker (1993) by Tamora Pierce

Despite having discovered that the first book in the Immortals trilogy, Wild Magic, which I recently read, was by no means the first book in the wider Tortall universe, I nevertheless was in the mood for some fairly mindless YA Fantasy today — something heroic and delightful, a tonic to cleanse my palate after the torture that was that Feist Merchant Prince book — and this jumped into my hand off the shelf. I was very quickly re-immersed in the world of Daine, our teenage animal mage, and the imminent threat to the land from a darkness beyond.

This one sees Daine and her mentor Numair caught up in a rebellion against the King, with a sideline of sentient wolves and some unexpected complexity given to the “evil” creatures who infest Tortall. The pace is speedy, for the most part, the writing engaging, and lessons are learned left and right as young Daine — still just a tween — ever-so-slowly comes of age in this magical world of wonder and, it must be said, mild terror.

Perfectly pleasant, somewhat predictable, easy, simple, fun. This was exactly the book I needed to read today, if not a book I ever really needed to read at all.

Huh. Weird.


TBR DAY 194: Wolf-Speaker (Immortals #2) by Tamora Pierce
GENRE: YA Fantasy
TIME ON THE TBR: ~12 years.  
KEEP: Sure.

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