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READING THE TBR, DAY 196: Dumb Witness (1937) by Agatha Christie

Back to my old friend Poirot, and each time continues to be a revelation. Oh, this one — an elderly lady writes to Poirot because of a nameless fear, and when he investigates, she is dead — isn’t necessarily as original as the last few have been, and the killer is a little more obvious than previously, but the method, motive and, most importantly, Poirot’s suave unmasking of the culprit never fail to amaze.

These books are fast becoming my comfort read, which means as much as I want to tackle the next one in the series immediately, I’m going to make myself wait. The series is long but, ultimately, finite, and I want to savour it for as long as possible.


TBR DAY 200: Dumb Witness (Hercule Poirot #16) by Agatha Christie
GENRE: Mystery, Cosy Mystery
TIME ON THE TBR: 5 years.  
PURCHASED FROM: Vintage shop.
KEEP: Yes.

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