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READING THE TBR, DAY 199: On the Edge (2009) by Ilona Adrews

Having belatedly discovered, and been enraptured by, Ilona Andrews’s long-running Kate Daniels series — a post-apocalyptic world in which magic has overtaken technology — I needed to fill in some time while awaiting the tenth and final book in the series, and decided to do so with other Urban Fantasy outings from the same author. (Who is, it turns out, a husband-and-wife duo. Huh.)

I began this one the day it arrived, but then ceased reading pretty swiftly, because I was just furious with the “hero”, Declan, who arrives in the Edge, an area of not-quite-magic that borders his home (the Weird) and our human world (the Broken) and is so high-handed and jerkish I desperately wanted to reach into the book and strangle him. Alphaholes are just not my favourite.

The fact that our heroine Rose, for all her umbrage at his high-handed behaviour, was beginning to allow herself to soften toward him, was enough to infuriate me further, and I laid the book aside, I thought perhaps forever, equally as disappointed by this development as I had been when Kate Daniels inexplicably decided to take her husband’s name when she got married. I mean, what?

Yesterday, my friend Leanne and I were discussing our mutual love of Urban Fantasy as a genre, and, when considering the Andrews oeuvre, I mentioned how I had DNF’d this one. She was sympathetic, having felt the same way, but encouraged me to continue. “There is a reason for it,” she insisted. “You will forgive him.”

And, yeah, there is, and I do. It just takes, like, 95% of the book to get there.

In the end, I didn’t hate Declan, or the book, and I do like Rose. I also like that magic in this world can be learned, and perfected, rather than is only a matter of genetic luck. There are also some adorable kids involved in the tale, pretty well-written, and I am a sucker for those. But there are three more books in this series, which I own (I bought all four at once, convinced I would like them, such is the power of Kate Daniels), and I can’t say I’m in a hurry to read them. 

I think I’m still kind of bitter about that first 95%.


TBR DAY 199: On the Edge (Edge #1) by Ilona Andrews
GENRE: Urban Fantasy
TIME ON THE TBR: ~2 years.  
KEEP: Oh, probably.

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