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READING THE TBR, DAY 208: My Father’s Dragon (1948) by Ruth Stiles Gannett

Last year, Netflix announced a forthcoming television adaptation of this American children’s classic, and the very next day I saw it on the shelf of a local secondhand bookstore. Never one to ignore a fortuitous coincidence, I bought it immediately… and, as always, left it far too long unread.

I feel like the most important detail to know about this book is that there really isn’t much dragon in it. It’s more about the journey to the dragon, to rescue the dragon, who is at the mercy of a lion, for no very understandable reason. The story is told by the son of the hero, Elmer Elevator, and he does not for a moment doubt the veracity of this childhood tale, and so we don’t either. We believe the talkative and sage alley cat who tells Elmer about the captive dragon, Elmer’s solo childhood rescue mission to Wild Island and the chatty lion who is fooled by Aesop’s Fable-style tricks.   

It’s all very cute and, unlike with many other American childhood classics — Love You Forever, The Giving Tree… ugh. Terrible. —  I very much wish I had encountered this one when I was of an age to be utterly enchanted, rather than just… find it cute.


TBR DAY 208: My Father’s Dragon (My Father’s Dragon #1) by Ruth Stiles Gannett
GENRE: Children’s Fiction
TIME ON THE TBR: ~1 year. 
PURCHASED FROM: Already Read Bookshop.
KEEP: Yep.

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