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READING THE TBR, DAY 221: Americanos, Apple Pies, and Art Thieves (2017) by Harper Lin

At last, a murder-free mystery in Cape Bay! Instead, it’s a robbery of precious art, as a total asshole of a modern artist disdainfully gives a show in the small town for flimsy reasons. Fran solves all, of course. (Sorry, Mike the Disgruntled Cop. Be better at your job and Fran won’t have to get so involved!)

More important than the mystery this time out is the doings at the cafe, because apparently Thanksgiving — which fast approaches in this world — is apple pie season at Antonia’s, and the apple pie sounds so delectable that is all I can really think about now, hours after finishing this book.

In fact, I’m going to go eat some now.


TBR DAY 221: Americanos, Apple Pies, and Art Thieves (Cape Bay Cafe #5) by Harper Lin
GENRE: Mystery, Cosy Mystery
TIME ON THE TBR: ~1 year.  
KEEP: I’ll pass it on.

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