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READING THE TBR, DAY 225: Another Chance to Dream (1998) by Lynn Kurland

Long before I heard of Lynn Kurland as a writer of Romantic Fantasy — of which I have read two volumes this year, and both of which I really enjoyed — she had been on my radar as a writer of Historical Romance, a particular favourite genre of mine. But I never tackled them because her chosen period is often Medieval, and, well… that is not a favourite of mine.

This book did not change my mind.

The frustrating starcrossed lovers story of Rhys and Gwen, who are kept apart by their stations and her arranged marriage, this book is just so long, so boring, and so ultimately unsatisfying. Had it been half the length, and with a quarter of the insurmountable impediments to True Love, I would doubtless be less bitter. But as it stands, I feel like I spent HOURS being tortured for no good reason, even the constant angst (which I usually live for) not being enough to make up for all the too, too many words.

I have another book in this generation-spanning series on my TBR, and I’m a bit interested in it, because its hero is a ghost. If it weren’t for that, it would get discarded alongside this one, and as quickly as I could manage it. Because I never want to see this book ever again.  


TBR DAY 225: Another Chance to Dream (de Piaget #1; de Piaget/MacLeod #5) by Lynn Kurland
GENRE: Historical Romance
TIME ON THE TBR: 2 years.  
KEEP: Nope.

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