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READING THE TBR, DAY 233: Appointment with Death (1938) by Agatha Christie

How do these Poirot books just keep getting better? There were so many twists and turns in this mystery that my head is spinning just trying to put it all together. 

Poirot is in the Middle East again, and he again overhears some people plotting to do someone in. (This has been used before a few too many times in this series, methinks, but we’ll let the recycled unlikeliness of it pass.) A horrid old woman who is a sadistic tyrant, and who lords her wealth and viciousness over her adult relatives, is unsurprisingly murdered, but what is a surprise is the culprit. 

At least, it was kind of a surprise.

This outing took rather longer to get to the point than others of its ilk, mostly because there was never any direct proof that murder had actually been committed, and apparently EVERYONE had a motive and opportunity, which just made Poirot’s conjuror’s trick of solving the crime so handily all the more impressive.

Really, Christie’s mind was a marvel, and each one of these Poirot stories (most of which it transpires I have definitely not read before) just proves that over and over again.


TBR DAY 232: Appointment with Death (Hercule Poirot #17) by Agatha Christie
GENRE: Mystery, Cosy Mystery
TIME ON THE TBR: 5 years.  
PURCHASED FROM: Vintage shop.
KEEP: Yes.

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