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READING THE TBR, DAY 253: The Tyrant’s Tomb (2019) by Rick Riordan

The god Apollo, exiled to Earth and mortality by his angry father — unreasonably angry, by the way; it’s not like Apollo’s particular crime was worse than any committed by any of the Pantheon, including Zeus himself — has spent the past three books coming to terms with his new circumstances. Instead of his usual irresistible form, he is now caged within the body of lumpy and pimply teen Lester Papadopolous; instead of near-omnipotence, he is now only sporadically graced with a mere shadow of his former powers; and instead of inspiring awe and adoration he now has to constantly put up with mouthy kids rolling their eyes and him and calling him names. 

And they know he’s Apollo.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a Rick Riordan mythology-infused adventure if there was not a quest, and, moreover, a quest with an arbitrary timeline placed upon it. In this one, those dead Roman emperors — because this series is mostly set in the Olympian gods’ Roman aspects — are still causing havoc, and also there are zombies, you guys.

It’s silly, it’s fun, it’s just a good godly time, and even after all these books — there are, like, twenty of these mythos-infused YA outings, among his various series — Riordan can still make me catch my breath as easily as he puts a smile on my face with his increasingly outlandish adventures.

What’s that? I’m a grown-up? Yeah? So?   


TBR DAY 270: The Tyrant’s Tomb (The Trials of Apollo #4) by Rick Riordan
GENRE: YA Fantasy, Greek Mythology, Retelling
TIME ON THE TBR: 2 weeks.  
PURCHASED FROM: Readings Carlton.
KEEP: Of course.

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