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READING THE TBR, DAY 257: Night Nurse (1972) by Jean Thomas

When I learned that the character of Claire Temple, played by Rosario Dawson in the Netflix Marvel series — Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Punisher and The Defenders — is based partially on the 1970s character Night Nurse, of course I had to find out more about her. After all, Claire was the best thing about most of those series, at least until they tried to make her a martial arts badass, and I loved the idea that so many decades ago Marvel had produced a mini-series based on a nursing professional with zero superpowers.

And Night Nurse — Linda Carter; the character was created before actress Lynda Carter personified Wonder Woman, it should be noted — indeed has no powers, but as the first port of call for superheroes who are injured and who, unsurprisingly, can’t seek help in your average emergency room, she is an important figure in comic land. And, her existence fills a pretty major franchise-wide plot hole, when you think about it.

This 4-issue series mostly revolves around Linda’s dedication to her job, and her jerk of a fiance who tries to make her give up her vocation just to care for him. (Bye, Jerk Fiance!) It’s quaint, and very much a product of its time, especially given our heroine’s Halloween-esque figure-hugging white uniform, but the secondary characters — fellow nurses — up the diversity quota, and the cameos by various injured heroes keeps the adrenaline pumping as Night Nurse is faced with medical emergencies surely outside the scope of her training. 

A Daredevil issue, also featuring Night Nurse, is also bundled into this collection, and that is pretty great, too, especially as it gives a bit more reason as to why Dr. Claire Temple, of comic fame, would have devolved into Nurse Claire Temple on the small screen.

At least Nurse Claire wears scrubs. 


TBR DAY 274: Night Nurse by Jean Thomas; illustrated by Winslow Mortimer and Alex Maleev
GENRE: Comics, Marvel, Medical
PUBLISHED: 1972 (reprint 2015)
TIME ON THE TBR: ~2 years.  
KEEP: Sure.

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