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READING THE TBR, DAY 291: Sad Cypress (1940) by Agatha Christie

Well, this is yet another intriguing entry into the Poirot canon. A wealthy old lady dies on the brink of making a new will (because, duh), then a young woman close to her is poisoned, and the old lady’s niece is arrested for both deaths.

Unusually, this one spends more than a little time in a courtroom, which gives the tale an enjoyable Law and Order vibe. I actually figured out the murderer here, which I wish I could say was due to my general and abiding genius but I am afraid is more likely just because the plotting wasn’t quite as skillful as it usually is.

Nevertheless, this is yet another stellar installment in this continuing delight of a mystery series.

Well, except for all the people who get murdered, of course. That part is less a delight, obviously. 


TBR DAY 291: Sad Cypress (Poirot #21) by Agatha Christie
GENRE: Mystery, Cosy Mystery, Poirot
TIME ON THE TBR: ~6 years.  
PURCHASED FROM: Vintage shop.
KEEP: Yes.

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