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READING THE TBR, DAY 51: In Conclusion, Don’t Worry About It (2018) by Lauren Graham

It’s always odd, reading a book by a performer who does not necessarily have a background in writing. After all, we’ve all heard tales of shadowy ghostwriters actually producing these works, and while those with a background in stand-up comedy  largely get the benefit of the doubt — they have crafted their own work for years, we hope — actors will often be held in some suspicion, regardless of how erudite they may appear on film.

But when Gilmore Girls’ luminous Lauren Graham released the novel Someday, Someday Maybe back in 2013, I didn’t doubt for a second that it was her own work. She just seems so… capable. So effortlessly hilarious. So honest. And the book’s premise, about a young actress trying to make her way in New York, rang very, very true — write what you know, and all that. So I bought it, I liked it a lot, and when she released a memoir, Talking as Fast as I Can, in 2016, I snapped it up and blasted through its chatty pages as fast as I could.

In Conclusion, Don’t Worry About It (Graham is EXCELLENT at titles!) is something different again, a kind of self-help manifesto aimed at high school graduates about to embark on their life journeys in the big bad world. First drafted as a commencement speech for Graham’s alma mater, it has been expanded a little herein, and given an entertaining preface. (Will Ferrell!)

And the title pretty much sums up the content. The main gist: let go of your fears and expectations of what you think you want to be, and just BE.

In conclusion, don’t worry about it.

Easier said than done, of course, but it is a message conveyed via some sprightly anecdotes and is such a speedy read that it’s almost like having a one-sided chat with someone who really wants share something important with you.

And it is important.

Now, I’m not a big one for self-help books, at all, but this is definitely the best one I’ve ever read. (Okay, out of like four, and one of those was Oh, The Places You Will Go, but still…)

It’s lovely.


TBR DAY 51: In Conclusion, Don’t Worry About It  by Lauren Graham
GENRE: Non-Fiction, Self-Improvement
TIME ON THE TBR: 6 months.  
KEEP: Yep! But will pass it onto some needful youngsters, first.

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