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READING THE TBR, DAY 52: The Angel Experiment (2005) by James Patterson

This is my first James Patterson novel.

I know, it seems impossible. He is, after all, the million-selling author of seemingly millions of books, one of those name-on-the-cover-is-bigger-than-the-title writers  beloved of airport bookstores and parents the world over. My Mum, for example, is a big fan.

This is not why I have not read any of his books, by the way. My Mum and I have pretty similar fictional tastes, in a lot of ways. Genetics, maybe.

But Patterson just never really came in my way. I’ve seen a few film adaptations of his books. I tried watching that show Women’s Murder Club. But he is just one of those crime authors — like Davids Baldacci and Hewson, like Jonathans Kellerman and Woods — that I haven’t gotten around to yet. There are just so darned many of them.

So when I happened upon a series of James Patterson books in the YA section, all offered as a pretty tempting discount, I figured that was as good a way to assay his manifold purported charms as anything. YA Thriller was definitely a genre I was prepared to get behind. I bought the first three, prepared to give them a red hot go — and now it is five years later. 

Same ol’ same ol’.

I really have to stop stockpiling books. It’s nuts.

The series is called Maximum Ride, and it is named for our heroine, Max — full name, yes, Maximum Ride. Max is fourteen and caretaker of a small band of even younger kids, all of them gifted with extraordinary powers — including, the power of flight. Like, actual retractable wings. They call themselves a “flock” and they don’t know how they came to be or who their parents are or what happened to them. All they know is, vicious hunters are on their trail, and their mentor, the only one who might have had any answers for them, is dead.

And the world needs saving.

It’s all pretty suspend-your-disbelief-hard-ish, but once you do, this book is actually a pretty good time. Certainly, I didn’t once want to start reading, didn’t once want not to find out what this is all about, and what the hell is going on. As the beginning of a clearly already greenlit series, of course many questions are left unanswered, and as the beginning of a YA series, it is pretty clear where events are headed. But it is a well-structured and built world, replete with opaque and frustrating shadowy science types and hunters on their trail, a group of rough-and-tumble hard-knock-life orphans and a snarky-voiced, appealing narrator in the earnest, deceptively fragile Max. 

I’ll be checking out the next in her adventures sooner rather than later, no doubt.

And, darn it. Now I’m really going to have to read James Patterson’s adult crime novels as well.

Like I need more books to read.



TBR DAY 52: The Angel Experiment  (Maximum Ride #1) by James Patterson
GENRE: YA, YA Thriller, YA SF
TIME ON THE TBR: 4 years.  
PURCHASED FROM: The Book Grocer.
KEEP: I liked it, but… nope.

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