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READING THE TBR, DAY 54: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports (2008) by James Patterson

The third installment of the Maximum Ride series is… kinda dumb. In fact, I think I am done with it now. The thrill has most definitely gone.

Mostly because of Thanos.

You see, the Big Reveal — hinted at in the previous installment — is that the purpose of all the genetic experiments done on these kids is that a plot is afoot to reduce the world’s population by half. Those that remain will be healthy, and strong, and if at all possible, super-powered. So it’s Aryan theory and Thanos. An atrocious combination. So children are tortured, cloned, their DNA is spliced, what have you, in order to build a better soldier, a better leader in the proposed brave new world.

As evil plans go, this one is… a lot. And stupid. And that Max and co. manage to even temporarily foil it — after some petty internecine arguments based largely on Max showing mercy to a 7-year-old who has been treated just as badly as they have, and her nascent boyfriend/brother Fang being mad about it — with their pluck and derring do and a heaping helping of social media, is even stupider. Plus, the revelation of Max’s mother is… way too convenient, and I’m not sure I can forgive the level of dumb-luck plot-devicing this requires. Not to mention, telepathic cherub Angel is crazy powerful, and yet so underused she might as well not be. More stupid.

So, yeah. Bye, Maximum Ride! There are six more books of you, but I don’t care enough to seek them out. Hope you save the world, though! I assume you will. 

And, hey. This one has an excellent title, at least.


TBR DAY 54: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports (Maximum Ride #3) by James Patterson
GENRE: YA, YA Thriller, YA SF
TIME ON THE TBR: 4 years.  
PURCHASED FROM: The Book Grocer.

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