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Author: Rachel

READING THE TBR: 365 Days, 365 Books

Hello. My name is Rachel Hyland, and in 2019, I refuse to allow so very many books to lie unread on my shelves any longer. Instead, I am going to clear one book from my To Be Read pile every damn day, until finally I… well, no, there’ll still be a bunch of them there at the end of a year, but at least I will have made a significant dent in the insanity.

These books encompass pretty much all genres — well, except True Crime. Fuck you, True Crime! — and are all books I definitely want to read. I just… haven’t. And then I buy more books. And that’s not even considering the audiobooks and the ebooks that end up on my assorted devices. Not to mention that I review books (many, many books) for Romantic Intentions Quarterly, as well. 

Nevertheless. Each day, I will read and review at least one book that has been languishing on my groaning TBR pile for far too long. Who am I kidding? It’s a TBR bookshelf. Well, okay, two TBR bookshelves. And a super-cool TBR revolving library stand, too. There are, quite literally, more than a thousand of them to choose from.

Today is a day for making resolutions. And here is mine. Reading. Next year (tomorrow!), I am going to read a book from my stash. And every tomorrow after that, for the whole of 2019.

Here I go…