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Release Date: January 16, 2018



Collected for the first time! 36 geek arguments from across seven years of Geek Speak Magazine.

With a Foreword penned by best-selling author Seanan McGuire, Geek Versus Geek is like having season tickets to the nerdiest debate club of all time. (And that is very much saying something.)

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2001: A Space Odyssey
A Terrible, Terrible Movie by Rachel Hyland
Still a Classic by Chris Nagy

Breeds Bad Movies by Jason Luna
Makes Bad Movies Better by Rachel Hyland

Alien vs. Predator
The Case for the Alien by William Cashin
The Case for the Predator by Malcolm Matthews

Batman and Wonder Woman
Super-Couple by Kim Sorensen
Super-Creepy by Rachel Hyland

The Big Bang Theory
Are Catchphrases Still a Thing? by Matthew Layden
Are We Above a Little Mockery? by Chris Nagy

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 6
A Complete Mess by K. Burtt
A Compelling Metaphor by Sara Paige

Celebrity Privacy
Just Sign the Damn Thing! by Kate Nagy
Just Leave Them Alone! by Rachel Hyland

Childhood Nostalgia
Sleeping Dogs, Thou Shalt Lie! by Jason Murdoch
Awake, Sleeping Dogs! Run! Jump! Frolic! by Rachel Hyland

Patently Absurd by B. C. Roberts
Theft is Theft is Theft by Seanan McGuire

Tinker Bell is Really a Succubus by Sara Paige
Where Dreams Come True by Kellie Sheridan

Disney and Star Wars
An Empty, Sucking Feeling of Disquiet by Rachel Hyland
They Can’t Do Worse by Kim Sorensen and K. Burtt

Doctor Who
Why Reboot Who Rules by Rachel Day
Why There is Only One Doctor Who by Seanan McGuire

The Dark Knight (and Heath Ledger)
Massively Over-Rated by Kate Nagy
Oscar-Worthy and More by Jason Murdoch

Family Guy
Making Us Dumber by Amy Sharma
Freakin’ Brilliant by Kim Sorensen

Film Adaptations
Is Nothing Sacred? by Kate Nagy
No, Nothing’s Sacred by Rachel Hyland

Film Critics
Way Too Serious by Jason Murdoch
Usually Right by David Baldwin

Game of Thrones
A Painful Exercise in Dread by Rachel Hyland
A Story That Bears Repeating by Regina Thorne

Harry Potter
Over-Rated and Just Not Very Good by K. Burtt
Over-Rated But Still Very, Very Good by B. C. Roberts

The Inheritance Cycle
Accomplishes Nothing by Gabrielle Lissauer
Is Really Something by Rachel Hyland

Love in SFF
Awesome Women Falling for Losers by B. C. Roberts
Love is a Vital Element by Rachel Day

Martial Arts Movies
Whatever by Kate Nagy
What’s Not to Love? by Jason Murdoch

Marvel Movies vs. DC Movies
DC: Quality Over Quantity by William Cashin
Marvel: Persistence of Vision by Rachel Hyland

Media Tie-In Novels
When They’re Good, They Can Be Amazing by Geonn Cannon
Not Worth the Paper They’re Printed On by K. Burtt

The Mid-Season Hiatus
A Necessary Evil by Kate Nagy
Just Plain Evil by Rachel Hyland

Movie Trailers
Are the Worst by Rachel Hyland
Are Essential by Mark Ritchie

Whence All the Love? by Rachel Hyland
Is Awesome! by K. Burtt

Rewatching TV
A Waste of Precious Time by B. C. Roberts
Finding Your Happy Place by Geonn Cannon

Slasher Films
Terribly Addictive by David Baldwin
Just Terrible by Rachel Hyland

Star Trek vs. Star Wars
Trek! by Rachel Hyland
Wars! by Sara Paige

Stargate Universe
Why I Hate Stargate Universe by Rachel Hyland
Why I Love Stargate Universe by Rachel Day

Suicide Squad
A Crushing Disappointment by Mark Ritchie
Why All the Hate? by Jason Murdoch

I Don’t Get It by Rachel Hyland
He’s Super, Man! by Mark Ritchie

Why I’d Be a Superhero, or How Could Anyone Ever Contemplate Being Anything Else? by Rachel Hyland
Why I’d Be a Supervillain, or There Are Only Superheroes Because They Don’t Think Big Enough by B. C. Roberts

Time Travel and Fiction
The Perfect Combination by William Cashin
Causes Nothing But Trouble by Rachel Hyland

The Twilight Saga Movies
Team Awful by David Baldwin
Team Awesome by Rachel Hyland

Vampire Mythology
It Takes All Kinds by Rachel Hyland
One Lore to Rule Them All by Amy Sharma


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ISBN-13: 978-1-925770-00-1
121 000 words
Release Date: January 16, 2018