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READING THE TBR, DAY 144: Turned (2011) by Morgan Rice

In YA fiction, often there is a tendency to make all adults be terrible, and this one takes that to its most extreme, giving us terrible:

a) mother

b) mother’s boyfriend

c) multiple teachers

d) security guards

e) police detectives

f) thousand-year-old vampires

Then again, our new-vampire heroine Caitlin is also terrible. The whole book is terrible.

And it is so much fun.

For me, anyway. Because I love a B-movie. Hell, I love Z-movies, all those Syfy Channel like Megashark vs. Giant Octopus and Sharknado and DinoShark – basically, anything with improbable sharks. This book is the YA vampire equivalent of those movies, and sure, there might be some who would contend that all YA vampire novels are the equivalent of those movies, but they are wrong. I love YA vampire novels. And this one, if seen as an Asylym-style parody, is hilarious.

I mean, I’m not going to read more of this series. There are twelve damn instalments, and good lord, that is too much, even for me. But I enjoyed this wildly ludicrous story of super-specialness and insta-love, and it will always make me chuckle, every time I think of it.

Which won’t be very often though, it must be said.


TBR DAY 144: Turned (Turned #1) by Morgan Rice
GENRE: YA Urban Fantasy
TIME ON THE TBR: 5 years. 
KEEP: Oh, probably.

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