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READING THE TBR, DAY 284: The Sherbrooke Bride (1992) by Catherine Coulter

I stopped reading this one as soon as the hateful Earl of Northcliffe called sex with his teenage virgin bride a “ploughing” not very many chapters in. I should have stopped earlier, when the horrible men of his horrible family start detailing their tribe of illegitimate children, not all of whom were birthed by entirely willing maidens.

Call me a prude, but I prefer my historical romance heroes to be at least remotely honourable specimens of manhood. Honestly, I prefer all of my romance heroes to be honourable, regardless of time period. 

In fact, I just like that in people.

It’s a shame, because one of my favourite romance novels ever — which I first read at sixteen, and still read semi-annually — was written by Catherine Coulter. But I don’t think I will ever again be able to look at that book on my shelf without remembering this trauma.

“Ploughing.” I just will never get over it.



TBR DAY 284: The Sherbrooke Bride (Brides #1) by Catherine Coulter
GENRE: Romance, Historical Romance
TIME ON THE TBR: ~15 years.  

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