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READING THE TBR, DAY 297: God is Not Great (2007) by Christopher Hitchens

In this somewhat strident effort, celebrated athiest Christopher Hitchens argues — very persuasively, very successfully — that humanity has outgrown religion in these science-blessed times, and in fact that religion is far more harmful than it is helpful nowadays.

Hitchens is very much preaching to the choir (if he will forgive the church-based metaphor) in this one, but even I found myself more and more convinced of his point the further the book went on. I don’t know how it would play with anyone who was fundamentally opposed to the idea at the outset — or, indeed, with anyone who is a fundamentalist of any sort — but I like to think that the logical, if occasionally extreme, force of his argument might at least arouse the occasional question in the minds of even the most devout.

Because he just makes so much sense.

And religion… just doesn’t, does it?


TBR DAY 297: God is Not Great: The Case Against Religion by Christopher Hitchens
GENRE: Philosophy, Non-Fiction
TIME ON THE TBR: ~10 years.  
KEEP: Yes!

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