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READING THE TBR, DAY 303: New Year Wedding for the Crown Prince (2019) by Meredith Webber

I have an enduring fondness for the mind candy that is category romance, and even now that the Mills & Boon (aka Harlequin) editors, in their infinite wisdom, have now decided to title their output with long-winded and perhaps overly descriptive monikers — this month saw the release of The Greek’s Billion-Dollar Baby, The Innocent’s Emergency Wedding and The Virgin Princess’s Marriage Debt, for example — I will pick one up once in a while, and then while away an hour or so in a fugue-like state as I absorb the complete nothingness that is often sweet but is also essentially insubstantial.

Basically, these books are the literary equivalent of cotton candy. Except, they kind of leave a bad taste in the mouth. So, they’re like cotton candy made with artificial sweetener.

Wait, is there diet cotton candy?

Anyway, this is… another one of those. There is an Australian lighthouse, a heavily pregnant heroine, the titular Crown Prince from a fictional European nation, and much angst that could be solved with a timely conversation that no one will have until the final chapter, because otherwise there would be no story. It was all very silly and improbable and nonsense, but it was exactly the holiday my overburdened brain was desperate for today, and so I forgive this book all its flaws because sometimes you just need cotton candy.

Even if it is diet.  


TBR DAY 303: New Year Wedding for the Crown Prince by Meredith Webber
GENRE: Medical Romance, Category Romance, Contemporary Romance
TIME ON THE TBR: ~6 months.  
KEEP: Nope.

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